He Is Risen!

I can honestly say these past few weeks leading up to Easter have been filled with joy. Saying these words and meaning them wholeheartedly could be considered a slight miracle in the eyes of God. He knows my brokenness and despair and all those other weaknesses that I cling to in life. Though, despite all this, I am left with this sense of joy down in my bones. The joy of the Lord goes deep. It is worth fighting for. It is worth enduring pain and hardship. Joy is not fake or meaningless. Instead it is purposeful and gives strength. The Joy of the Lord is Jesus Christ himself.

Jesus endured the cross and shame for the JOY set before him. (paraphrased from Hebrews 12:2) He gives us cause for celebration even in the midst of the mundane of life. There is always a glimmer of gold to be found each day and a prayer of thankfulness to be said. Each day, I see God working in gloriously intricate ways. He is and always will be there. He opens my eyes each day and teaches me how to celebrate! HE IS RISEN!

Below is a design inspired by the Easter Celebration. Then below that is this wonderful video by Rend Collective teaching about true joy and the art of celebration. I encourage you to watch it and live it out. Life is so much better with joy. Also, men with Irish accents are nice too. Just sayin’



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