Thally Thursdays.

I decided to fire up the ole blog again. Since, I’ve been working the past two years in a grey cubicle office environment, I often find myself a little dry and burnt out. I used to live my life with passion and creativity in every opportunity given to me. However, lately that part of me has been dwindling. I don’t want to let it snuff out.

My solution: Be creative, even if I don’t know how or don’t have the energy. Also, I want to create things that help other people. So for now, since I can’t save all the orphans in the whole world, or even end homelessness. I’m going to bring God’s word to people freely and with finesse. Once a week, I will post a new design that illustrates scripture. Its something simple and maybe even cheesy, but I pray that God blesses it.

So here is the first design. Its Free. Enjoy it. Take it. Eat it.

Philippians 4:7



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