As of today, I live in Mankato, Minnesota. A job opportunity beckoned and so I adhered.

A few months ago,  I lived in the grand mountainous city of Denver, Colorado. I lived and worked there as a part-time waitress at the Cheesecake Factory / retail sales associate at Banana Republic / photographer’s assistant / roommate / girl with a netflix account. All in all, the Denver life was short-lived and at times a bit precarious. No, I didn’t go snowboarding or get an iphone or go to that one night club everyone was talking about. I did however squeeze in some quality time with a few old and new friends, tried a few new coffee shops,  saw The Muppets movie on Thanksgiving, went to a few art shows,  designed some band posters, and frequented Whole Foods for their buffet options. What can I say, I wasn’t there for very long.

I originally decided to move to Denver, because of the rumors of opportunity. I quickly learned I wasn’t the only one who had this idea. It seemed like every person I met was a transfer from some other city in America. So finding my dream job as a cool, trendy graphic designer soon became slim to none. No matter, because this was a time of adventure for me. I learned a lot about making bad decisions and how not to do them. I also learned a few things about people.

Basically, we are all the same. We all have deep desires for love and purpose in our lives and we all are a bit lonely at times. Everyone seeks out the solutions a bit differently and even dangerously. I for one, am not always successful at finding fulfillment in these areas of love and purpose. As someone who knows God and knowing he is the answer to all my deep desires, I become forgetful and unsure at times. Of course, God is the forever beat in my heart but some times I just sort of become numb and take these breaks that lead me astray. During these times I often find myself simply praying, “Lord, keep me.” And He did. He kept me. He consistently reminds me of His presence in everything I do. Even as I fail. He never fails and he never gives up.



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