Alleluia Banners / Liturgical Art

Once upon a time in a land far far away called Seward, Nebraska, I made this giant banner. I was working for the Center of Liturgical Art during a summer while I was still in college. I remember this summer being one of the most inspiring and eventful times of my life. There is lots to tell. But for now, I will just explain the pictures.

A church somewhere in Illinois, called Alleluia asked the center to design some very large banners for their very large building. Sorry, I’m not to good on the details. In the pictures, it is hard to tell just how big these banners are but, I think each of those strips of paper are about 20 feet long?  I’m not sure if this church still uses them. We made about 20 different banners for different times of the year. I love this one especially because it is all about celebration! In this project, I learned a lot about the denomination where I attend church. Everyone is different and everyone celebrates special occasions differently. And many of us live out our lives in different ways. Some people are more alive when they dance while others are more comfortable humbly singing a song. I think Lutherans get a bad rep. because they are mostly traditional, but I have learned that for the most part this is a good thing. (Unless it gets in the way of loving Jesus or each other.) This probably isn’t always the main thing to focus on, but I actually really enjoy tradition and history especially when it involves Jesus. But I also really enjoy urging others to think and see things differently, which is probably why I call myself an artist.

One of the best ways for me to understand God’s word and his Church is through artwork. I like to invent imagery and physical beauty that goes along with those things I can not see. Its a good way to pass time or meditate. Another example of this would probably be my senior art thesis from college called, “A Feast Prepared”.  Here are some pics.

I could go on for hours explaining my thought process behind this piece. But, I suppose that would defeat its purpose. Just think: Jesus as a Bridegroom and then someday we will all meet him and have a big party. I can’t wait.

I think I need to do something like this again really soon. If I don’t I might pop.


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