Haiti Love

I recently found a painting I did after my trip to Haiti this past year in November with the House of Hope. I was very emotional and passionate after returning home from this island country. There is so much to be said about this place. The painting of the boy below is my interpretation of this little five-year-old orphan named, Wedley. I love him and pray for him often. Below is something I wrote in my journal while I was there.


“When it was over, it subtly started. I didn’t know Haiti was a part of a deeply personal reality. This country isn’t just a trendy topic, or even a popular place to throw left-over money. It isn’t a political issue or a weather forecast. Rather, it is something more intimate, like a sister standing out in the rain. She has been locked out, but she has a thick skin. The rain falls to kill her, but she still lives. She falls down while the sun beats her in oppression.  Her distant relatives send snacks and a card on her birthday. She is thankful, but she continues to lay on the dusty diseased dirt. She lies there with a suffering beauty. She fetches some water from afar and walks on her rugged feet to tell her story. Only heard by walking beside her, understanding how to help her find true life-giving water.”


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