Bolivar House Tree

Welcome to Raybo Design’s first blog post! Here you will find my most recent discoveries and creations. Today I will show you something I did a few months ago at the Bolivar House in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Bolivar House Tree

I found the original canvas in a place where the effects of hoarding reigned. I knew the orignal owners, a lovely couple who needed help with their house. I still think of them often and miss their quarky personalities. I first met with them this past year in hopes to help them overcome their hoarding problem. During the process, they let me have an old print of a scenic painting. I was inspired by the colors and felt the need to add my flare to the piece. I ended up covering most of it with this tree symbol. You can still see the original painting of red and oranges behind the white tree.

This painting has a lot of meaning and sentiment to me because it reminds me of my whole experience while living and working with the lovely people at the Bolivar House. This was a place where several families lived together in community to help love one another and their neighborhood. I am forever changed by their compassion and hospitality. They showed me what it means to unconditionally love someone, which is so profound especially in the world where we live.


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